Getting started

I’m just getting to grips with WordPress, having never used the site before, and am setting up the layout, “About” page, etc. The theme is Pilcrow as seen on the excellent Strange Shapes blog. Currently I’m writing a piece on the topic of collusion as approached from a skeptical but open-minded standpoint (since most existing treatments of the subject are invariably authored by republicans and therefore it is taken as an article of faith). Future posts will cover the differences between the UVF and UDA (and feuds between the two), the ethics of designating “legitimate targets”, and links between the UVF and Official IRA. I realise that this blog is currently totally un-linked to and below the radar, and as such presently enjoys an audience somewhere between zero and fuck-all, but ideas for future posts are welcomed all the same – the site email can be found on the About page.


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