Loyalist Paramilitary Improvised Machine Guns

I will write on the topic of loyalist weaponry in the near future, but in the meantime this fascinating look at improvised loyalist sub machineguns was posted on another blog a few years ago…

Below are some examples of homebuilt submachine guns utilizing standard square section and round tubing. The urgent and crude look of these weapons lend themselves quite fittingly to a post apocalyptic anarchic underworld setting, would they not?. Information indicates that these were retrieved by police while investigating loyalist paramilitary groups in Northan Ireland.

loyalist improvised machinegun 1 - amodestpublicationloyalist improvised machinegun 2 - amodestpublicationloyalist improvised machinegun 3 - amodestpublicationHomebuiltSMG loyalist improvised machinegun 4 - amodestpublicationloyalist improvised machinegun 5 - amodestpublication

The submachine gun shown in this UVF training session video seems to be identical to the square section type.

The following information is from an old newsgroup post dated 28 Feb 1999. It seems that this dexterous bunch of gunsmiths were stamping serial numbers onto their works.

#I was watching a documentary on the IRA the other day, and it showed a meeting
#of one of the other paramilitary groups being taught how to shoot what looked
#like a home-made SMG. Can anyone verify or deny this? Are there any web
#resources/books discussing how the terrorist groups…

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