Balaclava Street primarily seeks to explore the loyalist paramilitary experience of Europe’s longest-running post-war conflict: the 25-year struggle, popularly known as “The Troubles”, between physical force Irish republicanism, militant loyalism, and the British state which resulted in over 3,500 deaths. The author neither holds brief for nor supports any terrorist group past or present, is against the use of violence as a solution for Northern Ireland’s political conflicts, and is totally opposed to all forms of sectarianism and bigotry.

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  1. eoin

    reading the facts in relation to loyalist violence and indeed the whole conflict on here,a lot of it is factual, but with some bias,I feel the author was very far out in relation to his own analysis on the subject,read for yourselves and draw your own conclusions

  2. Rab

    So Gerry Adams has called Brendan Hughes a liar lol > The Former is not half the man or soldier that the latter. Grugg should of finished the toe rag.

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